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FerrariFerrari is known throughout the world over for their high performance supercars. In their usual bright red colour a Ferrari is unmistakable.

Ferrari is based in Italy and have one of the most successful teams in Formula 1.

Ferrari was started by Enzo Ferrari back in 1929 when he formed "Scuderia Ferrari" which was created as a sponsor for amateur drivers.

The first Ferrari road car however was built in 1946 and was called the 125 Sport.

1952 saw Ferrari win their first F1 championship with Alberto Ascari driving, they repeated the success again the following year.

In 1988 Enzo Ferrari died and the value of used Ferrari's rose and so did the sales of the current models that were for sale.

In 1996 Ferrari got Michael Schumacher to join their Formula 1 team and from 2000 to 2004 Ferrari and Michael Schumacher won the title 5 times in a row.

With all this history and herritage surrounding Ferrari there is little wonder people want a Ferrari driving experience. With the modern Ferrari's getting quicker and even more stylish as the years go by more and more people want to experience sittign in the driving seat of a Ferrari and putting the car, and themselves, through their paces.

Book a Ferrari driving experience online, there are plenty of different driving experiences to choose from, including old and new Ferraris and also at locations all across the UK.

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