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Oulton Park

We have compiled a few photos from around Oulton Park that will help give a better idea what to expect and what the vantage points are like.

Oulton ParkThere are a few pictures missing from a couple of places but these will be added soon.

Oulton Park is one of the most challenging and nicest circuits in the UK. The track uses all it's natural gradients to create a track that both rises and falls. There has been plenty of money invested in Oulton Park in recent years that include a new pit area and medical center and conference suite.

The are 3 entrances to Oulton Park, the main entrance that takes you into the center of the circuit going over the Paul Warrick bridge. Another entrance is at Lodge corner (last corner on the circuit) and is situated about 100 metres away from the main entrance. Anyone who plans to spend most of their time on the outside of the track anywhere from Lodge Corner, down the Start/Finish straight right round past Old Hall Corner would probably be entering via this entrance. The last entrance is at Knickerbrooke and is situated on the opposite side of the track to the Start/Finish straight.

Each entrance provides plenty of parking spaces with extra parking now available than was previously available with more fields opened up.

No one should struggle to find a parking space within Oulton Park even on the busy events days such as the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), although in the unlikely case that there is more vehicles turn up than can be fitted inside the circuit there is overflow parking available just outside the circuit that is only a very short walk away.

The Pits

The pits and pit lane at Oulton Park have undergone development and now offer even more to both teams and spectators. When pit lane viewing is on (there is usually an hour window before racing to visit the pits) spectators can walk up and down the length of where the pits are. They have also now been designed so spectators can also view from the rear of the pit too so if you find it too busy round the front sometimes you may get to see a bit more round the back.

Anyone wanting to get autographs especially on the main event meetings such as Super Bikes and the Touring cars this is probably the best opportunity to get autographs. Many teams have signing sessions and offer free posters and words with the drivers and riders.

As a tip, if you are not as interested in getting an autograph and instead want to get a closer look of the cars/bikes then visit the garages of the teams who do not seem to be having an autograph session or giving anything away as these are usually slightly less busy and less people.

Where to cross the track

Oulton Park bridgeThere are 3 places that spectators can cross the circuit at Oulton Park, 1 is over the bridge at Clay Hill (opposite side of the track to the Start/Finish line, near to Knickerbrooke). This bridge is fairly steep so you should take care and use the hand rails when using the bridge. Also, as the bridge is open to the elements when it rains it does get wet and with it having metal steps you should take extra care so as not to slip.

The other crossing points are across the actual race circuit so are only opened up in between races. As you would imagine there can get a build up of people wanting to cross especially on large events so don't rush as everyone wants to cross. Also, you will have people coming towards you crossing from the other side so it can get very busy.

One of the crossings is at Lodge corner and has a large gate that gets opened once it is safe for spectators to cross and the other crossing is just after Old Hall corner. This crossing can get a bit of a bottle neck as it is just 1 small gate at either side of the track that spectators going in both directions have to go through.

It is important to arrive at the crossings in plenty of time and to be patient and not to push and shove. If you arrive late the marshals will not reopen the gates for crossing until after the next race.

Disabled parking

There is a special area designated for disabled parking and viewing that is situated on the inside of the track. Anyone who wants to park in this section must enter via the main entrance. The disabled parking area is basically on the opposite side to the entrance and gives a good viewing platform and has compact stones and not grass and is suitable to put a wheelchair on.
The area gives a good viewing area of the circuit ranging from Cascades, up Lake Side, down Hill Top and up Clay Hill. This vantage point gives the largest viewing of the track from one position.

Eating & drinking

Cheques restraunt at Oulton ParkThere is plenty of choice when it comes to food. Oulton Park has a number of food vans and selling the usual burgers & hot-dogs and baps. There is also a number of beer vans too to serve you your beer/wines & spirits (only for those of you not driving).

If however you fancy a sit down & something else to eat take a visit to "Chequers" that is situated on the inside of the track behind the pits and paddock area.

Entry costs

The cost of entry to Oulton Park varies depending on what the event is, obviously with the most popular meetings such as British Touring Cars & Super Bikes being the top rated events. Entry on the race day to these will be around £26, although if you book your ticket in advance either online or over the phone you can get a discount so you can expect to pay £21.
Larger events also give the opportunity to get a weekend ticket if you want to stay over or watch the qualifying. Weekend tickets again cost slightly more but not too much more.

Smaller, less popular race meetings are priced accordingly and are less to enter with tickets being as cheap as £12 if you pay on the day or £10 if you order in advance.

Oulton Park circuit images
Start/Finish straight


If you spectate towards the end of the Start/Finish straight at Oulton Park you get a good view of the cars coming down the straight and round Old Hall corner.

Old Hall corner

Old Hall

Looking back at Old Hall from The Avenue

The Avenue

The Avenue



Dentons goes slightly downhill as it approaches Cascades

Cascades Cascades
Lake Side

Lake Side

Hill Top Hill Top
Clay Hill
Clay Hill

Clay Hill

The top image of Clay Hill is from the inside of the Oulton Park circuit

The bottom image is of Clay Hill from the outside of the circuit near to Knickerbrooke.

The bridge is the bridge to use to cross from the Knickerbrooke entrance to the center of the circuit.

Druids corner

Druids Corner

The only way to view Druids corner up close is from the inside of the track, you have to walk over the rally track to get there. It is relatively quiet of spectators.

Warick Bridge
Warick Bridge

Warick Bridge

The main entrance runs over this bridge

Lodge Corner

Lodge Corner

This is the view of Lodge Corner from the inside of the Oulton Park circuit. The best viewing position for Lodge corner is on the outside of the circuit.
If you view from Lodge Corner you can also view the racing as it goes down and up Deer Leap.

Deer Leap

Deer Leap

Deer Leap leads to the entrance to the pit lane and also to the Start/Finish line.
Viewing from the bottom of Deer Leap you can see the racing as they come round Lodge Corner and up Deer Leap.
If you view from the top of Deep Leap you can view the cars come round Lodge Corner and up Deer Leep but also down part of the Start/Finish straight.

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