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Rally driving is a complex and skilled sport. There are ever changing driving conditions that drivers (and co-drivers) have to negotiate. One minute your on tarmac and the next your sliding round a wet muddy corner spraying up stones and loose dirt. With Rally driving you have to make sure you rare entering the corner correctly so rally drivers have the CO-drivers telling them what the corner is going to be like well in advance so they can plan their approach well before they actually reach the corner.

The difference between rally driving and ordinary car racing is that rallying takes place on public roads and not generally on race circuits.

It's the uncertainty of rally driving that makes it so exciting, driving on a whole range of different surfaces from tarmac, gravel, mud, ice, snow and in a whole range of different conditions from sun to pouring rain and snow!

Before a rally driving stage takes place the driver and co-driver usually get to take a run around the course they are going to be driving, this is to give the CO-driver the chance to make short notes that they can then call out during the race to the driver about what the road conditions are like and also what the corner is like up ahead. There is a huge amount of trust between rally driver and CO-driver as one wrong instruction could easily see the rally car off the track and out of the event.

2 of the most popular rally cars are the Subaru and Mitsubishi Evolution.

Many people want to experience what driving a rally car is like and there is lots of rally driving experiences available for people to have a go themselves.

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