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Track day car hire is available but can be quite expensive compared to takign yuor own car on track.

However many people either do not have a car that they wnat to take on a track day or they want to try out a car more suited to track day driving.

Below is a basic guide about costs you are likely to have to pay if you want to hire a car for a track day (based on 1 person hiring the car for the day).

Track Day: £200
Car hire: £700 for a Caterham 7 or £800 for a Lotus Elise
The hire costs include insurance, fuel, delivery of car to track and mechanical back up.
Insurance excess: 1500 - 3500 depending on car.

Obviously if you want to experience slightly more high market cars then the prices are going to go up.

But on the above you are looking at a minimum of around £900-£1000 for the day.

Another idea if you want to try out other cars is to book on a driving experience where you will get to experience different cars on the track.

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